February 15, 2016

  • Preachers Cave, where the Eleutherian Adventures took refuge after being shipwrecked on the Devils Back Bone Reef.
  • Gregory Town, catch a wave at Surfers Beach and be amongst the "The Pineapple Town"
  • The Glass Window Bridge, stand on top of where the Caribbean Sea kisses the Atlantic Ocean.
Harbour Island
  • Try and catch one of the "Briland'" (called by it's residents) roosters that roam the streets in all their pride and glory
  • Ride horses on the renowned Pink Sand Beach.
  • Cruise on golf carts through the tiny streets of Dummore Town alongside homes that date back to the 1700's. 

  • Eleuthera - Bahamas Sea Cliff Cottage, Gregory Town, Eleuthera
  • Harbour Island - Touchstone Properties Harbour Island @touchstone.harbourisland
  • Locally Grown Pineapples and Veggies
  • Da Perk Cafe in Governors Harbour
Harbour Island 
  • Conch Salad at Queen Conch
  • Brians BBQ
  • Sip Sip for Lunch
  • Coral Sands for Dinner


Guide created by Karina Petroni

Photographs by Carl Rosen

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Paradise People: Lindsey Cummings of Dancing Flower Farm

March 20, 2018

Happy Spring Equinox - to celebrate we're sharing a garden tour:

Last summer, we jumped at the chance to meet flower farmer, Lindsey Cummings and tour her Dancing Flower Farm in the San Juan Islands. She currently lives in a converted bus on her parents beautiful property on Lopez Island, while she and her boyfriend scout the island for the perfect spot to build their home and larger farm. Her current garden features everything from Sweet Peas to Dahlias to Calendula. She sells her bouquets at the local farmer's market, to local businesses like the delicious Ursa Minor and for special events/weddings. 

When she is not in the garden she is mixing and baking over at Barn Owl Bakery - an artisan craft bakery on the island which utilizes local ingredients and age old techniques to create the most delicious breads and pastries. 

We feel so lucky to have gotten the chance to step foot in her garden, sip calendula tea and learn more about her daily life. Read our interview with her below.

Where is paradise for you?

Anywhere in nature, in sunshine, but I especially love tropical beaches and warm water when I'm lucky enough to travel to them!

Tell us a little bit about your life on Lopez Island...

For the last three years I've been pouring myself into my growing flower business. I also work a couple shifts at Barn Owl Bakery mixing and shaping bread dough. A good happy hour at the beach with friends to decompress is pretty common too. 

What does a typical day look like?

 I tend to get up with the sun, make a cup of coffee or tea and walk down to my garden. Water and harvest flowers before the sun is too high in the sky. I then either make weekly bouquets for businesses, work in the garden, do deliveries and or head to the bakery. Once the suns low enough I'll be back in the garden till dark. On Saturday's I'm at the farmers market selling bouquets and making flower crowns. 

What are your favorite spots on the island?

The beaches, I love a cold salty dip. 

Because you’re a florist and flower farmer, what is your favorite flower?

I get asked this a lot and I always say Sweet Peas! I've been growing them since I was a child with my Mom. But honestly l love them all. 

Your bus and living space is so beautiful and airy - do you have any tips for living in small spaces?

It's a lot easier in summer and in winter when it starts to feel really small and cluttered get outside, then when you come back inside it feels cozy. 


Calendula Tea


You mentioned making hair tea with the Calendula you grow – are there any other wellness or beauty potions you make with the plants you grow?

I use calendula, rosemary, lavender and sage to make hair tea regularly. I used to make myself salve too but now I tend to trade with friends who make wonderful salve. I am adding a lot more medicinal flowers to the garden this year and will be making edible flower bouquets for the farmers market. I have dreams of creating a hair product line some day.  


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